Margherita Tisato

Yoga & Butoh Artist





It is my mission to embody a movement that transcends technique, being strongly rooted in the skills that technique can provide. I believe that the systems are not goals in themselves but tools to learn how to be integrated bodies of wisdom and that the body has the inherent ability to support and heal itself, far beyond what we often take as limits. I'm passionate about the experience of the "right" way to move as the one that allows us to walk through the world with curiosity, dignity, awareness and respect.


YOGA SCHEDULE: open classes

  • An exploration of the astrological Archetypes of each sign through the body, with Cory Nakasue.



Margherita is very thorough with her description of anatomy and how she links different parts of the body through imagery that is very understandable to someone who might not know where a certain bone or muscle might be.
— Angela Cook
I never knew that yoga classes could be humorous until I took classes with Margherita. She is a warm and delightful instructor.
— Ilene Richman
Margherita is a person who studies, practices and takes time to research about what she teaches. I am a yoga teacher, and Margherita’s class was a mirror on many things I still needed to work on. Her classes are great for people of all levels, from beginners to teachers, everyone will leave her class with the feeling of having learnt technique and/or deep, focused practice.

Few times have I seen such level of commitment in a teacher. I wish there were more teachers like her. And I wish I lived closer to her to take as many classes as I could. This is why whenever I hear of Yogis traveling to NYC, I strongly suggest them to check Margherita’s class out.
— Andi Vatika, Yoga and Ayurveda teacher, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Margherita is one of my favorite people. She brings a refreshing joy and sense of humor to life that is reflected in her classes. I felt personally challenged taking her class, while reveling in the sense of community she created in the room.
— Elisa schreiber dancer, choreographer, dance instructor